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When people come to the farm and see our vegetable field and gardens, the first remark is usually "Wow!" closely followed by a "Are you crazy?”. But when we look at the field…besides seeing a lot of work, we see a new beginning, a new concept, a new way of doing things. Food contaminations, childhood obesity, the rise in cancer, diabetes, acres and acres of sterile soil and the list goes on, are just a few signs that point out we are headed in the wrong direction.

McDougal’s Farm LLC, located just a few miles north of Antigo, is just one farm in the new movement that is ready for change. We are an earth friendly farm. We grow your food using no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. We use sound sustainable growing practices and pay close attention to our soil health because we know healthy soil grows healthy vegetables. We offer our produce through our CSA (community supported agriculture…accepting member applications now), Antigo Farm Market and Natural Living.

Come join us and other farm members as we replace those “WRONG WAY” signs with “NEW CONSTRUCTION UP AHEAD”. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. We can do this. Join us as we rethink the way we eat, where our food comes from, considering not just what it cost us but what it cost the earth. Be the change and have fun doing it!

Peace and good health
Jerry, Maydene and Gyler McDougal

The 2015 Brochure is available to download here.
The 2015 Application is available to download here.

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